Over the years, Goodway has formed strategic partnerships with multinational brands that have become part of the Filipino lifestyle.

Always delicious, Blue Diamond California Almonds are perfect for every nutrition-packed meal and snack. Blue Diamond’s unique roasting process holds in freshness for that just-right crunch!

Made with California Almonds, Almond Breeze is a delicious & creamy alternative to dairy and soy milk. Every cup of Almond Breeze is enriched with calcium and vitamin E, and is amazingly low in calories!

Sunkist offers top-quality snacks that’s delicious and guilt-free! Dry-roasted & Lightly-salted, these simple yet well-loved nuts & snacks will definitely bring a delightful snacking experience!

Sunkist Pistachio Milk is made from the freshest premium pistachio nuts. This Keto-friendly milk alternative packs a lot of fiber and nutrients, without the calories!

Heritage’s premium line of select Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds are Fresh and All Natural with No Preservatives! They are perfect for cooking, snacking, or baking, and provide a delicious healthy compliment to cereals, pastries, and desserts.

Nutwalker has one of the most extensive, high-quality lines of snack nuts and seeds available. Our nuts and seeds contain a variety of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats. Simply Delicious, Amply Nutritious!

Lorenz offers guilt-free pleasures that you can taste! A well-known brand from Germany, Lorenz prides itself in using the freshest potatoes and ingredients to give everyone smiles during snack-time.

Nature’s Sensation is a leading brand for healthy snacking items that include a unique mix of dried fruits, nuts, and many more. Our flavorful yet healthy snacks will surely give you a guilt-free snacking experience!

Seleco is a unique crunchy seaweed snack with no MSG added. Seleco, the fat free healthy snack that comes with great taste! #NeverJustSeaweed

Hwa Tai has over 55 years of expertise in baking quality halal biscuits that are deliciously healthy. Hwa Tai’s famous Luxury Crackers are perfect for snacking or for pairing with coffee & tea.

Haday’s line of authentic Chinese sauces is the perfect choice for your everyday Chinese-style cooking. Over the years, Haday has transformed into a global brand and has become a core ingredient in the Chinese cuisine.

Acecook’s unique Pho-flavored instant noodles packs the traditional Vietnamese flavors and rice noodles all in one convenient easy-to-cook cup. “Cook Happiness”

Oregon Specialty Fruit is picked ripe from the branch at the peak of the season in our grower’s fields. Oregon captures the taste and appearance that nature delivers by hand-selecting each piece of fruit that reaches you.

Nature’s Pride offers the finest teas from Fujian, China. Nature’s Pride tea contains antioxidants and nutrients that have beneficial effects on the body. These include memory improvement, bone density improvement, cholesterol level reduction, lower blood pressure, and cancer prevention. Nature’s Pride provides you with quality yet affordable tea.

Valencia Healthy Cooking Oils – Everyday Healthy Cooking! Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for everyday cooking, dips & dressings), Pure Olive Oil (for everyday healthy cooking), Olive Pomace Oil (for everyday cooking & frying)and 100% Pure Avocado Oil (for everyday cooking & frying) – NEW! With the growing demand for healthier foods, Valencia is an essential ingredient in every Filipino’s kitchen.

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